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different spices garlic and cumin whole and ground that have been tested for pesticide residue
photo provided by thermo fisher scientific

Quick and Simple Analysis for a Multi-Class List of Pesticides

Quantitation of pesticides residues in garlic and cumin

Demand for quick and simple analysis for a multi-class list of pesticides in diverse food samples is growing year by year. Government agencies typically set maximum residue levels for pesticides in different plant and animal products at low part per billion (ppb or µg/kg) levels. These regulations present significant analytical challenges with respect to the low limits of quantification and high number of target analytes. High-resolution mass spectrometry paired with intelligent data acquisition and processing software meet these challenges with quick identification of unknown contaminants as well as sensitive, robust quantitative multi-residue analysis at levels below or at established MRLs.

Download this app note now to learn more about the quantitation of pesticides residues, courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific.