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Application Note

Rapid Concentration of High Boiling Point Solvents

Fast and effective DMSO/DMF/water evaporation without bumping risks

In pharmacological research, concentrating solvents is an unavoidable operation.  Herein, we propose a novel method of concentration: a Vacuum-Assisted Vortex Concentration method (VVC method). The novel spiral plug technology generates a helical flow of air or inert gas over the surface of your solvent, thereby increasing the surface area. Since the vial isn’t under high vacuum, there is no risk of bumping or splashing. The smart evaporator enables efficient evaporation of high boiling point solvents. With the inert gas purging feature, it’s great for drying down solvents such as DMSO, DMF, and water. 

The merits of the VVC method include:

  • Suitable for small volume exconcentration 
  • Can be concentrated in a short time when compared to existing methods
  • Bumping during concentration can be prevented since the solution is stirred under gentle reduced pressure
  • Any vial type can be used since there is no risk of implosion

Download the poster now to learn more about the benefits of smart evaporation.

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