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Time-Saving Automation for Biobanks

Time-Saving Automation for Biobanks

Save yourself from searching for samples with the Mohawk semi-automated tube picker


Small biobanks and biorepositories often need to select tubes from cold racks straight from the freezer, but cannot afford the huge investment in robotics to fully automate the picking and placing of tubes from racks. The Mohawk semi-automated tube picker, being small and compact, can simplify picking tubes—up to 16 in one go—from a 96-position tube rack. By elevating sample tubes in racks using solenoids, the Mohawk enables biobank operators to quickly and simply retrieve the correct tubes and put them in the destination racks. Additionally, because the Mohawk can seamlessly connect with Ziath rack scanners, biobank users can read in a picking list, select the tubes, and verify that the correct tubes are picked. This makes the whole process of finding and selecting the right tubes in your biobank quicker and easier without the complexity and cost of full automation.

Access the attached spec sheet and video, compliments of Ziath.