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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Glove Boxes

Get fun facts about glove boxes, a list of questions to ask when buying glove boxes, the most recent glove box releases, and an updated glove box manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 3 Things You May Not Know About Glove Boxes

1. At the now deactivated Rocky Flats Plant, a United States nuclear weapons production facility near Denver, Colorado that operated from 1952 to 1992, workers used glove boxes with lead-lined gloves. The glove boxes in the plant were also huge—up to 64 feet in length in order to contain the equipment used to make the plutonium triggers the plant manufactured.

2. A fire in one of the glove boxes at Rocky Flats in 1969 produced the costliest American industrial accident of the time. It took 600 workers two years to finish cleanup of the site, however, enhanced safety features were introduced as a result of the incident.

3. Adam Savage from the popular TV show —Mythbusters— recently constructed a custom glove box for a friend’s birthday to simulate how an astronaut’s glove functions in the vacuum of space. The box showed just how tough it is to complete even simple tasks in space.

For the Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Glove Box click here.

Recently Released Glove Boxes

ECO Mode Option for 2014 Glove Box Models

  • Available on all MBRAUN glove box systems for 2014
  • ECO Mode has been designed to use less energy and operate more efficiently, saving labs valuable time and money
  • Designed to reduce noise emission and reduce overall power consumption up to 90%
  • An optional feature for all MBRAUN glove box models


BactronEZ Economy Anaerobic Chamber

  • Features a 13.7 cu.ft. workspace and a 300 plate capacity incubator
  • Boasts airtight construction of stainless steel and rigid Plexiglas, for unobstructed vision and integrity Patented cuffs form a comfortable seal around the operator's arms permitting bare hand manipulation of plates and specimens inside the working chamber, making work more comfortable and efficient

Sheldon Manufacturing

Protector Stainless Steel Filtered Glove Box

  • Now included on the on the NanoSafe Tested™ registry
  • In the ASHRAE 110 test, the glove box proved to contain aerosolized silicon dioxide particles no larger than 26nm effectively, greater than 99.99% on a particle number basis
  • Designed for use in controlled atmospheres (dry boxes) or for use with hazardous materials
  • Series includes controlled atmosphere, multi-hazard, and double glove boxes


SE UniFlow Glove Box Fume Hoods

  • Can accommodate the loading of materials through either the right or left side of the hood by means of sealed access doors
  • Material can be transferred from fume hood to glove box for proper handling and inspection of hazardous materials
  • Accessories include work surfaces, tables, work benches with adjustable height and locking casters


Glove Box Manufacturers

Air Science USA 


Coy Labs 




Innovative Technology