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Current Issue |  Volume 17 - Issue 5  |  June 2022

Cover Story

Embracing Safety Leadership

Eight values to be an effective safety leader

Lab Manager May 2022 Issue Cover - Dark Green background with double-helix image

Genomics Brings Precision to Medicine

Genetic sequencing identifies overlooked approaches to therapy and treatment

A Black woman in a long-sleeved yellow blouse stands offset from floating technological looking images and icons

The Integrated Lab

Lab connectivity powers data-driven discovery

January/February Lab Manager Cover Image

A Guide to Successful Change Management

A five-step process to effectively implement change in the lab

December 2021 Cover Image

Trends in Lab Automation

Life science labs embrace AI and cloud computing

Lab Manager November 2021 Cover Image - A jar filled with US dollar bills

Leading a Lab Under Budget Pressure

The right approach can turn a reduced budget into a positive learning opportunity

Lab Manager October 2021 Cover

The Lab of the Future: Big Data Enables a Big Role for AI

Big data revolutionized the lab manager's role—AI is about to do it again

Lab Manager September 2021 Cover Image

Beyond Compliance

The RAMP framework for risk assessment

2022 Product Resource Guide

Your Go-To Source for Technology Trends and Analysis, Product Offerings, and Manufacturers

Lab Manager July 2021 Cover Image

The Power of Diversity

Different experiences and perspectives bring new ideas and solutions to the lab