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Current Issue  |  Volume 16 - Issue 6  |  July 2021

Cover Story

The Power of Diversity

Different experiences and perspectives bring new ideas and solutions to the lab


Three Strategies to Make Labs More Sustainable

Making the research enterprise more sustainable and equitable

Tools to Boost Productivity

A guide to digital tools that enhance workflows and support remote work

Renovating the Occupied Lab

Cost, safety, and logistics are key considerations when deciding whether to continue work during a lab renovation, or move to a new space

Leading Through Uncertainty

How leaders can guide their staff through unexpected challenges

Collaborative Robots: Mobile and Adaptable Labmates

The scale and versatility of 'cobots' signal a revolution in high-throughput applications, from drug discovery to COVID-19 testing

Navigating Research Funding

A compass for funding programs for all types of industry R&D work, including basic research, applied research, and experimental development

Ensuring Reproducible Data in the Laboratory

To be credible in the scientific community and to deliver technical value to customers, laboratory managers must deliver reproducible results

The Infrastructure of Laboratory Safety

How to evaluate each component of a successful safety culture

2021 Product Resource Guide

Your go-to source for technology trends and analysis, product offerings, and manufacturer listings