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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Thermal Analyzers

Get fun facts about thermal analyzers, a list of questions to ask when buying thermal analyzers, the most recent thermal analyzer releases, and an updated thermal analyzer manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Thermal Analyzers

1. Thermal analysis is the broad category of at least 20 techniques that measure some fundamental property of matter as a result of adding heat.

2. As with many other lab instruments, thermal analysis is trending toward user-friendly software, smaller and more compact instruments, availability of auto-samplers, and greater value.

3. Thermal analysis used to require an operator with a PhD in calorimetry or rheology.

4. Polymers, which are targets for up to 70 percent of all thermal analyses, are tested not just at the raw plastics processing plant, but in nearly every manufacturing industry, especially packaging.

5. Sample prep is very important to the success of a thermal analysis.

For the Top 6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Thermal Analyzer, click here.

Recently Released Thermal Analyzers

Discovery Series TGA

  • Combines innovative technologies for temperature control and mass measurement with an advanced user interface
  • Introduces Diffusion-Bonded Sensor technology which improves sensitivity of the temperature measurement while maintaining a very short time constant for excellent signal resolution
  • TRIOS software makes it easy for users to manage the sample queue

TA Instruments 

Flash DSC 1

  • Opens up new frontiers in the field of materials characterization
  • Ultra-high heating and cooling rates add a new dimension to the study of thermally induced physical transitions and chemical processes
  • Enables users to investigate effects that were previously impossible to measure
  • Features fast response sensor and wide temperature range

Mettler Toledo 

DTG-60/ DTG-60A

  • Improves ease of operation, sensitivity and analytical accuracy of conventional standalone systems
  • Basic functions required by simultaneous thermogravimetry/ differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) measurements are improved
  • Features programmable atmosphere control
  • Provides advanced acquisition, analysis and report functions which ensure comfortable simultaneous measurements
  • DTG-60A is a new automatic DTG which defines new standards in autosampler technology



  • Combines the power of thermal analysis, with the specificity of separation and the sensitivity of detection available in spectroscopic and chromatographic methods
  • Offers an accessory that enables hyphenation
  • Provides scientists the ability to identify and study low levels of materials in highly complex matrices


Thermal Analyzer Manufacturers