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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Water Purification Systems

Get fun facts about water purification systems, a list of questions to ask when buying water purification systems, the most recent water purification system releases, and an updated water purification system manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Water Purification Systems

1. The French cleric Jean-Antoine Nollet made the important discovery that water naturally diffuses from a dilute to a concentrated solution in 1748. This phenomenon later became known as osmosis. During the following century, the study of osmosis became of particular interest to practitioners of the biological and medical sciences.

2. Robert Barnstead, a master plumber, developed the first all-metal laboratory distillation unit for Massachusetts General Hospital in 1878.

3. In 1907, Heinrich Bechhold published a paper on the process known today as ultrafiltration. Bechhold described driving solutions at high pressures through a membrane prepared by impregnating filter paper with acetic acid. He used the term ultrafilter to describe a collodion membrane of graded pore size. Ultrafiltration is now commonly understood to mean a process that allows colloidal particles, emulsions and microorganisms to be removed from a solution.

4. The use of ultraviolet (UV) light treatment was first attempted in the United States as a method to purify drinking water in 1916.

5. From 1926 to 1931, key research was performed on the phenomenon of reverse osmosis by various researchers, including Michaels, Manegold and McBain.

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Recently Released Water Purification Systems & Accessories

PURELAB® CHORUS Water Purification System

  • Gives you the chance to configure a solution that best suits your needs with the added benefit of flexibility should your future needs change
  • A selection of dispense, storage and installation options is available
  • Offers users the ability to create their own solution to fit the application, budget and configuration of their laboratory


WaterPro BT Water Purification System

  • Delivers ultrapure Type I water, up to 18.2 megohm-cm, at a typical rate of >0.5 liters per minute at inlet water temperatures of 25° C either manually, or volumetrically, directly from tap water
  • Features light weight and small footprint of only 16.5" deep x 11.4" wide x 21.3" high
  • Easy to install—just plug and play


Fi-Streem Water Purification Stills

  • Now certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Independently tested and certified to meet North American industry-recognized standards for safety and performance
  • Models that are CE and CSA certified include the A74415LS, A74415-60LS, A74410LS, A74428LS, A74420LS, A56210-857LS, A56218-857LS, A56220-857LS, A56230-857LS, A56228-857LS and A56238-857LS
  • Consistently produce high quality ASTM Type II water

LabStrong Fi-Streem 

Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus Water Purification System

  • Provides ultrapure water from up to three remote dispensers, simultaneously
  • Enables flexibility and ease of use for shared laboratory environments
  • Exceeds international standards ASTM Type 1, ISO 3696 Grade 1, ASTM D1193 and CLSI-CLRW, delivering ultrapure 18.2 MΩ• cm water with consistent quality
  • Comes with leak detection, electronic dispensing for fully automatic volume control, and feed water monitoring

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Water Purification System Manufacturers

Aqua Solutions 

Aries Filterworks 

Aurora Biomed 


EMD Millipore 



LabStrong Fi-Streem 


Pall Corporation 


Thermo Fisher Scientific