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2016 Product Resource Guide: Chromatography Columns

Finding the right column for your application can be tough. We aim to make that process a little easier with this year's guide.

by Lab Manager

6 Questions to Ask When Buying Chromatography Columns

  1. What are your analyte(s), matrix, separation goals, and instrumentation?
  2. What benefits does this column offer over your current column? Performance? Lifetime? Reproducibility?
  3. How should you clean/prepare your sample prior to injection on the column? 4 How do you look after the column? Conditioning, cleaning, storage, etc.
  4. What type of chromatographic media (fully porous, monolithic, core-shell) is going to provide the most benefit for your separation?
  5. Do you need a unique selectivity (HILIC, polar-end capped, etc.) to separate any very polar and/or non-polar components in your mixture?
  6. What column dimension is going to be most suitable for your loading requirement?

What's Your HPLC Column Usage?

0-1 per month 50%
2-5 per month 30%
6-10 per month 5%
10-50 per month 9%
50+ per month 4%
Don't know 2%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing HPLC Columns

Technical Performance of HPLC Columns (e.g. Peak Shape) 93%
Ruggedness/Durability of HPLC Columns 90%
Lot-to-Lot Reproducibility of HPLC Columns 83%
Initial Purchase Price of Column 70%
Reputation of Column Manufacturer 70%
Applications Support 65%
Column Discount Program 61%
Breadth of HPLC Column Offering (Selectivity) 58%
Method Validation/Compliance Support 57%
Specials and Promotions 55%