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2016 Product Resource Guide: Cold Storage

What to know when purchasing cold storage equipment for your lab.

by Lab Manager

6 Questions to Ask When Buying Cold Storage Equipment

  1. Z-SC1 TWINCORE z-sc1.comWhat kind of safety measures does the freezer have to protect your samples? (Alarms, monitoring, logging, etc.).
  2. What number of failures has the product experienced over the last five years? Ask the company to provide details.
  3. How much space is required between and around freezers? Can the walls of the freezer be positioned against the lab walls or each other, and how much sample capacity are you getting for the actual space?
  4. Can the freezer be monitored or can you get alarms on your phone?
  5. How many compartments or shelves does the ULT or other cold storage unit have?
  6. How long does the freezer take to recover from a two-minute door opening?

What Cold Storage Equipment Is In Your Lab?

Upright General-Purpose Lab Freezers 73%
Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers 56%
Low Temperature Upright Lab Freezers 45%
Under-Counter General Purpose Lab Freezers 36%
Low Temperature Chest Lab Freezers 19%
Flammable Materials Storage 16%
Chest Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers 16%
Blood Bank and Plasma 15%
Explosion-Proof 13%
Other 15%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing Cold Storage Equipment

Durability of product 84%
Reliability of product 83%
Price 64%
Sensitivity and accuracy of temperature controls 63%
Warranties 56%
Reputation of vendor 48%
Service and support 47%
Energy efficient 45%
Audible and visual hi/lo alarm for each controller 40%
Quiet operation 40%


Looking for a New Lab Freezer?

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