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2016 Product Resource Guide: Electrophoresis

Whether you use vertical or horizontal electrophoresis, Lab Manager is here to help you get started in finding the right equipment.

by Lab Manager

8 Questions to Ask When Buying Electrophoresis Equipment and Gels

  1. Can you blot in the same tank as you run the gels?
  2. Can you run precast and handcast gels with the same electrophoresis equipment?
  3. How many gels, per experiment, can you run at once in a single electrophoresis cell?
  4. How fast can you visualize your proteins in the gel and how fast can you run a set of gels with optimal performance?
  5. Does a precast gel give you the same separation as a handcast gel?
  6. Do you need any special buffers or sample buffer to run your gel?
  7. How efficiently can you transfer your high molecular weight proteins from your gel to a membrane?
  8. How fast can you transfer proteins from your gel to a membrane?

Types of Electrophoresis Equipment Used by Survey Respondents

Horizontal Electrophoresis System 76%
Vertical Electrophoresis System 70%
Electrophoretic Blotting System 49%
Other 12%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing Electrophoresis Equipment

Ease of Use 84%
Durability of product 77%
Low operating costs 70%
Price 66%
Availability of supplies and accessories 65%
Fast time to results 61%
Low maintenance/easy to clean 61%
Many separation options with high precision, accuracy, and robustness 61%
Safety and health features 53%
Warranties 51%