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2016 Product Resource Guide: Microplate Technology

Whether you need a reader or a handler, Lab Manager's resource guide can help when purchasing microplate technology.

by Lab Manager

14 Questions to Ask When Buying Microplate Technology


  1. BMG LABTECH CLARIOstar® with new Atmospheric Control Unit How many plates and plate types can the handler accommodate?
  2. What is the transfer speed?
  3. Can the handler operate in portrait and landscape configurations?
  4. Does the handler fit into a hood or biosafety cabinet?
  5. Is the handler compatible with a wide variety of other instruments?
  6. Does it come with a barcode reader for easy microplate identification?


  1. How many read modes are offered?
  2. What kind of detection technology is used?
  3. Is it upgradeable? If so, can the upgrade be installed on-site, or must it be shipped back to the factory?
  4. Is the reader automatable?
  5. Is the software integrated and user-friendly? Does it allow for pre-programmed and custom protocols? What kind of analysis is offered? How is data exported?
  6. Is on-site training available? Is there a fee?
  7. What options are available? How many of those do you actually need?
  8. What assay validation data is available for the reader?

Which Microplate Reader Do You Use?

Absorbance 59%
Alphascreen 3%
Fluorescence Polarization 12%
Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) 10%
Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer (TF-FRET) 3%
Luminescence Reader 31%
Multi-Mode Reader 33%
Microplate Spectrophotometer 46%
Other 1%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Microplate Reader

Ease of use 82%
Product performance for intended application 78%
Sensitivity 69%
Price 67%
Low maintenance/operating costs 65%
Software for data collection/analysis 60%
Flexibility (available detection modes) 59%
Service and support 58%
Resolution 57%
Warranty 48%


Looking for a New Microplate Reader?

Lab Manager’s Microplate Reader Product Finder utilizes a querybased system to quickly narrow the field of available microplate readers to those that specifically meet the requirements demanded by your application.