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2016 Product Resource Guide: Pre-Owned Laboratory Equipment

In times when cash is tight, many labs cut costs by seeking out pre-owned lab equipment. Here are some things to find out before buying such instruments.

by Lab Manager

pre-owned instrument box10 Questions to Ask When Buying Pre-Owned Laboratory Equipment

  1. Why is the current owner selling the equipment?
  2. Is it in working condition?
  3. Has the equipment been tested? If so, how?
  4. How old is the equipment? What is the serial number?
  5. Does the seller have any maintenance history or service records for it?
  6. What was the instrument used for previously?
  7. Which type of product/sample was run through it?
  8. Where is the equipment currently located?
  9. How many owners has the instrument had?
  10. Is there a warranty? If it is still under the OEM’s warranty, does it carry over?

How Many Pieces of Pre-Owned Equipment Are In Your Lab?

None 29%
1 8%
2 9%
3 10%
4 2%
5 or more 42%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing Pre-Owned Lab Equipment

Overall condition 88%
Price 74%
Age of equipment 57%
Maintenance costs 48%
Reputation of seller 42%
Warranty 35%
Service and installation options 35%
Shipping costs 28%
Available accessories 27%
Leasing and payment options 16%