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2016 Product Resource Guide: Spectrophotometers

Whether you need a UV-Vis, visible, or NIR instrument, we have everything you need to get started in your purchase.

by Lab Manager

Spectrophotometers7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Spectrophotometer

  1. What sample(s) are you measuring? This will help you determine the detection range (UV, Visible, NIR) and type of instrument you require, and how the sample will be collected.
  2. How does your sample interact with light? Are you looking at the sample’s absorbance properties? Its emissive characteristics? How it reflects or scatters?
  3. What sample characteristics are being measured?
  4. Why is the sample being measured?
  5. How easily can you adjust your spectrophotometer setup?
  6. How are customers supported before and after the sale?
  7. What is your budget and what kind of ROI can you get on a new system purchase?

What Type of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Do You Use?

Single Beam 59%
Dual Beam 50%
Array-Based 14%
Handheld 6%
Other 2%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Excellent reproducibility 80%
Wavelength accuracy 73%
Ease-of-use 71%
Better sensitivity and resolution 65%
Ease of maintenance/low operating costs 64%
Price 58%
Warranties 45%
Service/support in general 42%
Faster acquisition and analysis of data 39%
Safety 39%