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2016 Product Resource Guide: Water Purification Systems

There are many things to think about when it comes to your lab's water. Here are some you may want to consider before installing a system in your lab

by Lab Manager

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Water Purification System

  1. What is the purified water used for in the lab?Thermo Scientific GenPure xCAD PlusThermo Scientific GenPure xCAD Plus
  2. What applications will it support? Do you need to follow any regulatory standard or norm with regard to water quality?
  3. What is your current source of purified water? Is it made from tap water or another source?
  4. How much water do you use per day? How is this demand distributed throughout the day? Are there “peak usage” volumes and times?
  5. How many scientists and technicians will be using this system?
  6. What is the budget for the system? How about the annual or long-term operating costs?
  7. Where does the system need to be located? Is it appropriate or suitable to separate the dispenser from the production unit?
  8. What kind of warranty is provided?
  9. What system measures can be calibrated? Resistivity? Temperature? TOC? Flow rate?
  10. Can the system be user-serviced, or is a service contract required? Is validation required?

What ASTM Standard Water Purity Do You Use?

ASTM Type I 59%
ASTM Type II 30%
ASTM Type III 8%
Other 9%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Water Purification System

Performance of product 87%
Durability of product 81%
Ease of use 79%
Value for price paid 74%
Low maintenance/easy to clean 69%
Service and support 68%
Low operating costs 66%
Total cost of ownership 65%
Availability of supplies and accessories 56%
Warranties 53%


Looking for a New Water Purification System?

Lab Manager’s Water Purification System Product Finder utilizes a query-based system to quickly narrow the field of available water purification systems to those that specifically meet the requirements demanded by your application.