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4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit Set for Mid-June 2018

This year's Endotoxin Testing Summit will take place 12th–14th June 2018 in Annapolis, MD & Pickering Beach, DE, USA

by Lonza

4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit

‘Feel the Pulse of Endotoxin Detection and Impact its Future’

12th–14th June 2018

Annapolis, MD & Pickering Beach, DE, USA

Hosted by Lonza 

Glenn GauvryGlenn Gauvry gives Horseshoe Crab Education on Pickering Beach.Photo credit: © Lonza, Basel

The 4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit brings together the endotoxin testing community to explore the most pertinent topics and challenges of 2018. Presented by a panel of thought leaders from the industry, the 2018 summit provides the opportunity to:

• Network with QC directors, lab managers, key opinion leaders, users and regulators 

• Feel the pulse of the industry by gaining insight into hot topics, such as data integrity, overcoming low endotoxin recovery (LER), new regulatory guidelines, as well as advanced endotoxin testing approaches

A highlight of the 2018 summit includes a trip to a Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary Beach (Pickering Beach, DE), where delegates can see horseshoe crabs in their natural environment and save crabs stranded on the beach. In collaboration with the Ecological Research and Development Group (ERDG), a non-profit wildlife conservation organization whose primary focus is the conservation of the world's four horseshoe crab species, delegates will have the chance to learn more about the ancient species so important to the endotoxin testing industry.

To register for the 4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit and receive an early-bird discount*, visit:  

*Early-bird discount only available for registrations received before 30th April 2018