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5 Good Reasons for a Memmert

by Memmert

ControlCOCKPIT—Intuitive operation: touch, turn & GO!

Adjustable parameters, including temperature, relative humidity, fan speed, and exhaust air flap position, can be set up in three quick, easy steps. Status messages for parameters, time, and alarm signals are all visible simultaneously during operation.

Stainless Steel—Offering added value in the lab 

The inner chamber and sliding shelves of a Memmert heating oven are made of 100 percent stainless steel, making them corrosion-resistant, hygienic, robust, and easily recycled.

Communication—Modern interfaces with unlimited communication

For appliances with TwinDISPLAY, the ethernet connection can be used for:

  • Uploading profiles from AtmoCONTROL software
  • Profile setup
  • Online logging

Appliances with TwinDISPLAY offer a USB port on the ControlCOCKPIT for:

  • Direct program upload
  • Reading out logs
  • Individual user-ID protection


All Memmert lab ovens feature an electronic temperature monitoring system, a mechanical temperature limiter acc. to DIN 12880, and an integrated autodiagnostic system with optical and acoustic alarm. With the AtmoCONTROL software, alarm notifications can be sent by e-mail or mobileALERT.


Memmert technical service covers supply of spare parts, maintenance, repair and commissioning, IQ/OQ/PQ qualification, customer training, and software instruction. A global network of service partners ensures all user queries are addressed and fulfilled.

A picture of a Memmert lab oven.

As an industry leader for state-of-the-art lab equipment since 1933, Memmert USA helps companies find the right equipment for any laboratory, environment, and R&D.

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Memmert/Wisconsin Oven Distributors

Memmert/Wisconsin Oven Distributors

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