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5 Reasons to Partner with Seeding Labs

Learn some of the ways you can help researchers in developing countries 

Rachel Muenz

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Embu University College's Department of Biological Sciences Embu University College's Department of Biological Sciences in Embu, Kenya, will receive equipment through Seeding Labs' Instrumental Access 2016 program. The equipment will help establish teaching laboratories for undergraduate and graduate students. Pictured here is Embu University College's Dr. Romano Mwirichia (center, long coat), Senior Lecturer of Microbiology, and the third-year microbiology class.Photo courtesy of Seeding Labs

The non-profit Seeding Labs has been making a strong push lately to partner with lab equipment manufacturers in their mission to bring much needed equipment and supplies to talented researchers in developing countries.

Vendors can either sponsor Seeding Labs shipments or programs, donate new or surplus equipment, or volunteer with the non-profit. 

We share five benefits of partnering with Seeding Labs: 

  1. Help talented scientists gain access to the equipment they need to do their research. There are so many researchers in developing countries who have the skills they need to make important discoveries, but lack access to the required equipment. By teaming up with Seeding Labs, you can help “level the playing field.”   
  1. Boost morale and employee engagement in your company. According to a recent Forbes article, charitable donations and volunteering can go a long way with your employees, citing studies that show that donating or volunteering is “good for the soul.”  Most of us simply like helping others, especially if it’s a cause important to us. And what cause could be more important to the employees of a scientific equipment manufacturer than that of helping scientists? 
  1. It’s great for marketing. Businesses that support charitable causes show that they aren’t all just about profit, but are also concerned with–in the case of partnering with Seeding Labs–supporting the global scientific community. That may help attract new business from consumers who may be more likely to purchase from you if they know some of their money is passed on to help other researchers. And, it’s another way to get your name out there. 
  1. Networking. When you team up with Seeding Labs, you’ll have the chance to network with people in the scientific community you may not have met otherwise. That, in turn, can spark new partnerships, ideas, and business opportunities. 
  1. Play a role in solving global problems. By donating your time or resources to Seeding Labs, you’ll have an important impact on research in a variety of disciplines and STEM education around the world. The discoveries those researchers go on to make have the potential to have a huge positive effect on global health, agriculture, the environment, clean water, and more. 

To learn more about becoming a Seeding Labs partner, visit