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8 Detection Modes in 1 Microplate Reader

The SpectraMax® i3 Multi-Mode Detection Platform is a flexible, three-mode plate reader that evolves to fit your future application needs.  

by Molecular Devices, Inc.

SpectraMax® i3 Multi-mode Microplate Reader with MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer now with StainFree™ Cell Detection TechnologyThe system is equipped with absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence detection modes while the patented, flexible design allows field upgrades including FP, HTRF, and AlphaScreen® as well as the first in-market SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer and ScanLater™ Western Blot Detection options - all in a single detection platform.

  • Field upgradability: Expand the standard 3-modes, (spectral absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence detection) with additional application cartridges for FP, HTRF®, AlphaScreen® assays and more.
  • Western Blot Detection: Add the ScanLater™ Western Blot System at any time to expand system functionality and support protein identification and quantitation research.
  • Cellular Imaging: Add the SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer and simplify complex imaging workflows.  Run cell counting and cell confluency measurements using StainFree technology without the need for destructive stains or use green or red fluorescent detection to visualize changes in cell morphology.
  • SoftMax® Pro Software showing ScanLater™ Western Blot scan generated on the SpectraMax® i3 SystemIncreased fluorescence performance: Spectral Fusion™ Illumination delivers a high-powered full-spectrum light source across the entire excitation range.
  • Expanded dynamic range: Sophisticated engineering delivers optimal sensitivity and maximizes signal range.
  • Streamlined complex data analysis: SoftMax® Pro Microplate Data Acquisition & Analysis Software includes over 140 built-in protocols, effectively eliminating the need for additional software.  Addtional tooks for regulatory compliance are included in SoftMax® Pro GxP Software.

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