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875 KF Gas Analyzer: Fully Automated Water Analysis in Permanent and Liquefied Gases

With its new 875 Karl Fischer Gas Analyzer, Metrohm combines decades of experience in moisture analysis and sample handling.  The KF Gas Analyzer is designed to handle nearly any gas sample - compresses, liquefied or native.  It is fully equipped to measure the absolute moisture content of LPG, petrochemical intermediates, natural gas or other compresses or liquefied gases.

by Metrohm

Metrohm's easy-to-use gas analyzer features a complete and integrated sample introduction and treatment system.  The integrated sample heater guarantees uniform temperature and evaporation of a sample regardless of its original state while a precision flow control valve ensures a constant and even flow of the sample.  A series of automatically controlled magnetic valves connect the sample to a rugged mass flow controller, which carefully meters the exact amount of gas specified for each analysis.  The analyzer's coulometric cell is powered by one of Metrohm's lab favorites - the KF Titrando.

The system's strict separation of gas-carrying system and electronic area ensure safe operation.  Gasses are prevented from ever coming into contact with sparks, which eliminates the risk of gas explosion.

These key features and the KF Gas Analyzer's robust design make it an ideal candidate for routine analysis in the laboratory.  The system is controlled by Metrohm's easy-to-use tiamo™ software and consists of a control unite and an analysis module.


  • Complete system with durable components for high flexibility
  • Separation of the gas handling system from the electronics and power supply for added safety
  • Sample inlet filter to keep out particulate matter
  • Venting bypass to release the pressure when swapping gases
  • Built-in evaporator for gasses in all states - native, compressed and liquid
  • Oil filter with flushing port to remove residual oil
  • Precise gas measurement with a mass flow controller (MFC)
  • Automated analysis sequence using magnetic valves
  • Predefined analytical methods with gas feed and pre- and post-flusing phase
  • All components integrated in one system

The 875 KF Gas analyzer is supplied with predefined software methods, so measurement can begin immediately after installation.

Analysis of a wide range of liquefied or compressed gases, such as:

  • propane, propene, LPG, butane, butene, butadiene
  • dimethyl ether, ethylene oxide
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons: methyl chloride, ethyl chloride, vinyl chloride
  • refrigerants: various CFC, HFC, CFC
  • New and contaminated refrigerants containing refrigeration oils
  • Analysis of permanent gases, e.g. natural gas.

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