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A Flexible Analyzer for Real-Time Control of Chemical Processes

Learn more about the TALYS ASP500.

by ABB Analytical

TALYS ASP500 is a flexible analyzer for real-time control of chemical processes. It is a fiber optics based industrial FT-NIR analyzer designed for in-line monitoring and control of batch or continuous processes. Its seamless installation enables reactor profiling, real-time determination of process end-point, cycle-time reduction, process characterization and early troubleshooting. This analyzer has minimal footprint and can be shelf-mounted or wall-mounted in a safe area without requiring additional enclosure. The TALYS ASP500 series feature an embedded processor, therefore no external computer needs to be supplied, approved or regularly upgraded by plant IT services. TALYS interferometer design is the same as used in ABB’s latest generation of laboratory FT-NIR analyzers (MB3600 series). This common design, combined with the very strict manufacturing tolerances and high reproducibility of ABB analyzers ensures a smooth transfer of calibration between sites and instruments provided sampling interfaces and detectors are similar.