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Fully Automate Your Dry Spot Sampling and Analysis

Rapid quantitation of tramadol and its metabolites

Tramadol is a synthetic opioid that is a centrally-acting analgesic and is widely prescribed to relieve acute or chronic pain. Dried spot analysis, particularly DBS, has become an emerging technology in clinical research and toxicology applications such as inborn errors of metabolism, therapeutic drug monitoring research, forensic toxicology, and anti-doping. While dried spot analysis has gained popularity over the years, the traditional workflow still utilizes manual disc-punching followed by a combination of sample preparation procedures, including various extractions, evaporation, and reconstitution for downstream analysis. The whole process can take up to several hours.

The automation benefits covered in this resource include:

  • Fully automated dried spot analysis workflow with integrated software for seamless instrument control 
  • Flow-through desorption (FTD™) technology without manual punch-out and extraction of dried spot discs
  • Intelligent Vision Camera (IVC™) for accurate spot recognition, positioning, barcode ID, sample traceability, and chain-of-custody

Download this technical note now to learn more about the benefits of automating your dry spot sampling and analysis. 

Fully automated dried spot analysis for the rapid quantitation of tramadol and its metabolites in various matrices

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