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A New Era for Automated Liquid Handling

Powerful automated pipetting from tubes to plates

SPT Labtech's accessible range of liquid handling instruments delivers high-performance, intuitive, and compact automated solutions that adapt well across applications. The versatile apricot DC1 unlocks a whole raft of benefits for laboratories taking their first steps towards liquid handling automation or looking to achieve full walkaway capabilities thanks to affordable 4-in-1 pipetting technology . As a highly accessible platform, the apricot DC1 empowers laboratory staff, allowing teams to benefit quickly from increased throughput, reliable standardization, and enhanced data quality when copying, mixing, pooling, aliquoting, and preparing the serial dilution of liquids.

This content package includes a webinar, pipetting guide, and the apricot DC1 instrument video. In this package, you'll learn about:

  • Applications and liquid handling tasks that benefit most from automation 
  • How to select a liquid handler for your application or research area 
  • The benefits of automation beyond throughput 
  • Assessing your liquid handling needs and evaluating automated liquid handling solutions
  • Serial dilutions, qPCR/PCR setups, ELISA assays, and NGS workflows

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