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Transforming ATMP Safety with Real-Time PCR

How real-time rapid PCR sterility testing is transforming ATMP validation for safer cell therapy applications 

Cell-based therapies, a form of advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMPs), have the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes. These treatments are easily contaminated and have a short shelf life, meaning they must be administered promptly. However, traditional growth-based sterility testing methods take several weeks, delaying vital research progress and forcing healthcare professionals to put patient safety at risk—as sterility results won’t be available until after ATMP administration. 

To address these challenges, real-time PCR kits for sterility testing have been developed. This test provides a time savings of more than 90 percent over growth-based QC release, aligning with the brief viability window of ATMPs. This innovation enhances research integrity, patient safety, and treatment outcomes while facilitating timely delivery. 

An informative infographic has been created to showcase this recent development in ATMP treatment. It visually illustrates the obstacles of traditional quality testing methods and introduces a real-time PCR solution as a more efficient, safe, and effective way to test the sterility of ATMP treatments.

A Quicker Way to Validate the Quality of ANTPs

In this infographic, you will discover:

  • The challenges of traditional ATMP sterility testing
  • An introduction to real-time PCR kits for rapid sterility testing
  • An overview of the benefits of real-time PCR kits

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