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A Simple, High-Throughput Way to Select the Best Antibody-Antigen Pair for Your Lateral Flow Assay

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss selecting the most efficient Antibody-Antigen pair 

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Lateral flow assays (LFA) are simple diagnostic tools that can be used to detect a variety of biomolecules that include biomarkers, pathogens, and environmental contaminants. Many industries use LFAs as they are typically rapid assay devices that are especially useful as point-of-care diagnostic devices and as a public health tool that can be sold to users directly. Sartorius is globally recognized a as leading supplier of biotherapeutics and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) solutions.  

Antibodies play a crucial role in the development of LFAs. The quality attributes of these antibodies including the understanding of how they interact with target antigens are essential for the development and optimization of LFAs. The Octet® system is a powerful label-free and easy-to-use high-throughput solution for analyzing biomolecular interactions. In the product development of LFAs, the Octet® system, a Sartorius solution, can be used to investigate antibody-antigen interactions, to perform assay development and optimization and as a reagents quality control tool. 

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Learn about assay design and considerations in the development of lateral flow assays. 
  • Learn of the various applications of the Octet® label free systems for biomolecular interactions. 
  • Learn of how Octet® systems can be used as quality control platforms for the selection of optimal antibodies for the development of lateral flow assays. 


Shuo Liang, PhD
Scientist/Application Specialist, Diagnostic Membrane 

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