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A UV-Based Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer

Now more than ever, sterilizing your eyepiece surfaces is critical to preventing the spread of disease

Optic-Clean UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer
  • Provides fast sanitizing in about 60 seconds
  • Effective in preventing disease transmission using scientifically proven UVC technology
  • Features easy-to-use operation with one-button activation
  • Repeatable and verifiable—allows users to measure exposure energy with radiometer and never be dependent on variations that occur in a chemical cleaning process
  • Reduces the use of throw-away wipes and chemicals, supporting eco-friendly lab practices
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Moisture and warmth make our eyes a perfect environment for disease transmission. You can eliminate disease transmission in multiuser lab environments with this new and unique tool which sterilizes eyepieces of microscopes used in the lab environment.  This easy-to-use, known technology is applied in a new way.

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