Lab Manager | Run Your Lab Like a Business

About Us

Our mission: 
Lab Manager provides guidance and resources to help laboratory leaders run their labs like a business. We are the only publication specifically focused on all aspects of running a lab, including:
-Health & Safety
-Lab Leadership
-Lab Staffing
-Business Management
-Asset Management
-Lab Design
-Lab Products & Services
 And more!

Many laboratory managers started as bench scientists. While their training includes all they need to be great researchers, most scientific programs don’t cover the skills needed to effectively manage a lab. Lab Manager’s content, including a print magazine, digital offerings, webinars, videos, events, and the Lab Manager Academy offers tips, strategies, and insight to enable readers to be strong leaders in their labs.

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Lab Manager’s key offerings:
Print: Lab Manager produces a print magazine 10 times per year, spotlighting various themes and trends across key scientific disciplines. Each issue also covers the key topic areas mentioned in the bulleted list above.
 The Product Resource Guide, published annually, is a robust resource for purchasing, maintenance, management and safety tips for more than 35 product categories. It also includes links to online directories of manufacturers for these categories.

Digital: The Lab Manager website features original news, press releases highlighting research as well as product launches, infographics, eBooks, videos, survey results, and the Big Picture series, among other exclusive content.

Events: Lab Manager hosts both digital and in-person events. Digital events include webinars and multi-day Summits. In-person events include the Lab Manager Leadership Summit and the Lab Manager Safety Summit. All events are interactive and offer the opportunity for a Q&A session.

The Lab Manager AcademyThis eLearning program brings essential knowledge and training for lab managers together on one platform. Within the Academy, you can take individual lab management courses á la carte, enroll in a specific category of five related courses, or sign up for the full Lab Manager Certificate Program, a 20-course series. These training courses will sharpen your existing leadership and management skills and either prepare you for taking on a lab manager role or help you to succeed in your current lab manager role. Additional courses, tracks, and certificates are being produced and will be available in the future to further develop your skill set.