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Many laboratory managers started as bench scientists. While their training includes all they need to be great researchers, most scientific programs don’t cover the skills needed to effectively manage a lab. That’s where Lab Manager comes in. We’re the only publication specifically focused on all aspects of running a lab, including ensuring your lab is meeting health and safety standards, budgeting, hiring and retaining staff, managing people, designing and furnishing your lab, and choosing the right technologies for your lab.

We provide the guidance lab managers need to run their labs like a business. Whether it’s through our print magazine, digital offerings, webinars, videos, or live events, managers can find the advice they need to be strong leaders in their labs.


Our print magazine (also offered in digital format) contains the following key sections to help you manage your lab efficiently and effectively:

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Cover Story: Lab Manager cover stories reflect the most important issues facing today’s labs.

Leadership & Staffing: Provides the “soft skills” needed to be a strong leader in the lab and manage your staff effectively.

Technology: Keeps readers current with emerging technologies for the laboratory.

Lab Health & Safety: From chemicals to ergonomics, articles within this section help managers stay focused on their most important priority—their workers’ health and safety.

Business Management: Deals with the business side of running a lab, whether that’s budgeting or marketing your services to prospective customers.

Product Focus: Each month, we look at the latest in three to four lab equipment categories. From microscopes to HPLC systems, microplate readers to analytical balances, we strive to bring you the latest information on the key products in your lab as well as tips on choosing and maintaining these important pieces of equipment.

Labs Less Ordinary: Offers profiles of unique labs. 

Technology News: A roundup of key new lab product releases. To submit a new product announcement for publication in Lab Manager, click here to review our Submission Guidelines.

Ask the Expert: A Q&A with thought leaders in the laboratory world on new technologies and techniques.

Lab Design and Furnishings: Discusses the latest trends and advances in laboratory design, ergonomics, furniture, and sustainability.

INSIGHTS: Provides an in-depth look into key industries in the laboratory world and the trends shaping them.

Surveys: Our surveys help us gather critical information on how lab managers are using products in their labs, as well as information on salary and employee satisfaction. The results of our Annual Salary and Employee Satisfaction Survey are published in print and online so lab leaders can see how they compare to their peers in terms of overall job satisfaction, salary and benefits, and opportunities for continuing education and training.

Product Resource Guide: This annual guide offers a quick reference for roughly 35 key lab product categories. Get purchasing, maintenance, and safety tips as well as an expanded directory that includes manufacturer contact information for even more product categories. 


In addition to including all the articles from our print magazine, also offers additional content to boost our readers’ management skills.

News: Press releases from around the web on the latest happenings in science and industry as well as new lab product releases.

Magazine: Includes all the content from our print magazine issues in webpage, PDF, and digital flip-book formats.

Lab Management: Provides content focused on the key areas of managing a lab: business, design, health and safety, leadership and staffing, and more.

Products: Everything managers need to stay up to date on the latest technologies for their labs, as well as advice on how to choose and maintain these products.

Industries: See the latest trends, products, news, and content offerings organized by laboratory industry.

Events: Get information on our upcoming live events—which include our Leadership, Design, and Safety Summits—and webinars as well as upcoming scientific conferences we’ll be attending.

Multimedia: See our most recent videos, eBooks on key lab products, Linda Comics featuring Linda the Lab Manager, and infographics depicting important technologies, tips, and techniques for the lab.

Sponsored Content: We partner with the top manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment to share the offerings most relevant to lab managers.

Social Media: Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo to share and receive information on how to run your lab like a business.

Live Events

Lab Manager currently runs three live events. The Leadership Summit, Lab Design Summit, and Lab Safety Summit.

The Lab Manager Leadership Summit covers the key management, business, and staffing challenges facing today’s lab managers.

The Lab Manager Lab Design Summit brings together an audience of architects, engineers, planners, designers, and laboratory management professionals to discuss topics of interest and showcase some of the exciting developments in the areas of design, engineering, and sustainability. 

The Lab Manager Safety Summit focuses on key management and safety issues affecting lab managers and safety specialists. Attendees gain practical tools to help guide their teams to higher levels of safety engagement and commitment.