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Lab Manager Academic Lab Management Summit
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Academic Lab Management Digital Summit
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Optimizing Scientific Education and Research

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February 13, 2024
From 11:00 AM EST

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Many obstacles come with running an academic lab, including managing staff, finances, and research initiatives. It is the responsibility of academic lab managers and principle investigators to develop workplace procedures and safety regulations that will guarantee a safe, effective lab and to mentor students as they begin their scientific careers. To successfully administer a lab, principal investigators must have a broad range of scientific, managerial, and financial skills. With constrained funds and resources, lab managers must collaborate with their departments to assist in carrying out the teaching goal. What are the best methods for maintaining the lab staff's morale? How do you create a budget and submit a grant application? How may the management techniques you observed during your own time as a student be adopted—or avoided?

Join Lab Manager for our Academic Lab Management Digital Summit on February 13, 2024. Industry professionals who will discuss their expertise in starting and running an academic laboratory will be a part of this program. They will share tips, useful tricks, and first-hand knowledge to assist you in staffing your lab with the most qualified individuals. Learn new techniques to assist you in managing your projects, managing your team, and successfully raising money for your study. Following each speaker's presentation, there will be a Q&A session open to the audience. Register today for this free virtual event!


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