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Accelerating Data-Driven Decision-Making

The greatest challenge in today’s digital labs is making decisions with contextualized asset data from many different data streams

Digital transformation has driven rapid change in lab environments, with increasingly connected laboratory equipment. Thousands of assets produce data every day in labs around the world, generating enormous volumes of data from more sources than ever before. The resulting flood of information, often in a variety of formats, makes integration for contextualization or visualization difficult and can quickly overwhelm managers attempting to interpret meaningful trends.

The new challenge facing lab managers is finding the complete information they need when they need it. Key data must be analyzed with relevant contextual data to produce the bigger picture needed to inform business decisions. Further, lab managers need effective visualization of these contextual data to quickly make decisions and identify anomalies across multiple data sources.

This resource guide explores:

  • Traversing the Flood—Accelerating Lab Management Decisions in the Era of Massive Datasets
    The many data streams produced by modern labs
  • The value of visualizing and contextualizing data
  • How to save time, money, and space with data-driven asset management tools
  • Defining asset performance expectations
  • Accelerating business decisions with improved visibility and transparency of asset data

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