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Accurately Assess Your High Affinity Protein Therapeutics Early

Determining the kinetics and affinity in a single step

Recent years have witnessed groundbreaking treatments for diseases like inflammation, cancer, and infectious diseases. As the biopharma industry achieves more therapeutic successes, new challenges emerge in medicine. Protein therapeutics, or biologics, offer remarkable specificity for therapeutic targets, resulting in fewer side effects compared to small molecule drugs. Biologics open possibilities for targeting difficult-to-drug therapeutic targets, including protein-protein interactions and cell surface receptors.

Discovering biologics has been well-established, particularly for monoclonal antibodies. However, the search for newer biologic classes with enhanced cell uptake, membrane permeability, and serum half-life continues. This application note showcases the Octet® SF3 system with OneStep® Injections, empowering you to determine kinetics and affinity for high-affinity biologics from a single analyte concentration.

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Accurately Assess Your High Affinity Protein Therapeutics Early

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