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Ace Kilo-Scale Modular Stand

A mobile platform for reactors and filtration vessels from 10 liters to 150 liters

Ace Kilo-Scale Modular Stand

Modular design allows the stand to be modified to accept 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, and 450mm flanged vessels as well as accommodating rod mounted or flange mounted stirring motors via interchangeable parts. This low-profile stand features a vessel lift that eases reactor assembly and is particularly useful for lowering a filter reactor's base below the vessel.

by Ace Glass

American made quality and durability

With 85 years of experience in the scientific glassware and laboratory equipment industry, trust Ace Glass with your research, discovery, and production needs. We employ only the top glassblowers in the industry and are able to manufacture vessels up to 200 liters in size.

We speak your language

At Ace we know what it’s like going through the sales process. Every member of our sales team has a scientific background. Feel confident you are talking to someone who understands what you actually need. We take pride in YOUR work.

The heart of your reactions

The backbone of any reactor is the vessel. Ace prides itself on industry leading glassware solutions. We offer cylindrical or spherical flasks available jacketed or unjacketed, in either a double or triple wall option.

Modular and dynamic stand

Interchangeable design allows for the use of vessels varying in size from 10 liter to 150 liter. Our Vessel Lift allows for easy raising and lowering of vessel. Increase productivity and waste less time cleaning, removing product, or changing out a stirrer.

Infinite adjustability

Adjustable doesn’t have to sacrifice sturdiness. One stand truly fits all. Whether you are running a rod mount or flange motor, we have you covered. Even heavy explosion-proof rated motors are no problem for our Modular Stand. Industrial grade lockable casters allow for easy maneuverability. Feel confident about your investment.

Endless uses

For those wanting more out of their laboratory equipment, we also offer this stand in a fully motorized configuration. No matter where your research takes you, we have you covered. Whether your reactions are simple or complex, one support is all you need.