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Achieving Quality and Avoiding Pitfalls in Biopharmaceutical Research

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss implementing digital PCR (dPCR) 

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Implementing digital PCR (dPCR) into your research can offer unparalleled sensitivity and absolute quantification of DNA and RNA in samples of interest, overcoming many of the limitations of other technologies. But as with any laboratory tool, the quality of dPCR can only be as high as the quality of the assays and instrumentation used to produce it. In this webinar, Frank Bizouarn, Market Development Manager from the Digital Biology Group at Bio-Rad, will describe the characteristics of ideal dPCR data, strategies for maintaining diligence and avoiding pitfalls, and explore the robustness of the QX ONE™ ddPCR System in supporting biodistribution studies for cell therapy products.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn what ‘good dPCR data’ looks like
  • Discover how Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) overcomes challenges to produce superior data
  • How ddPCR technology can support biodistribution studies


Frank Bizouarn
Market Development Manager, 
Bio-Rad Laboratories 

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