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Adam Equipment's New Eclipse Balances Offer a Unique Weighing Experience for Lab Professionals

With its elegant capacitive touch keypad, large display and a full spectrum of advanced features, the new Eclipse range of balances from Adam Equipment aligns precision and performance.

by Adam Equipment

With its elegant capacitive touch keypad, large display and a full spectrum of advanced features, the new Eclipse range of balances from Adam Equipment aligns precision and performance.

The Eclipse boasts a clever design and compact footprint, occupying minimal space on the bench. The full series of analytical and precision balances offers capacities up to 32,000g and readabilities starting at 0.0001g (0.1mg). Precision models with 0.001g readability have a removable drafts shield. Analytical models have a glass-enclosed weighing chamber that can be disassembled for cleaning.

The Eclipse is available with internal and external calibration; select precision models are available with a pillar. All models have an extruded, single-piece metal base, which offers greater strength and balance stability for highly repeatable results.

The capacitive touch keypad contains color- coded keys, which enable uncomplicated navigation of the functions. Operating with a feather-light touch, the keys respond readily, even to latex-gloved fingers. Illuminated keys guide users through tasks, highlighting selectable buttons. The keypad’s smooth surface allows fingerprints to be wiped off easily.

Featuring one of the largest LCD readouts in the industry, the Eclipse displays 24mm-high white digits on a deep-blue background, ensuring ultimate visibility. A second line shows text prompts, instructions and any other relevant information. Clear, discernable symbols and multi-lingual text enable easy operation, while prompts simplify even the most complex activities.

The Eclipse achieves connectivity with precision and speed, whether it’s basic data printing or advanced communication with a LIMS system. Printouts with time, date, and other information are provided to comply with GLP requirements. USB and RS-232 interfaces optimize connections, while a third interface allows use of an optional remote display.

Movement such as vibrations, air currents or objects shifting on the pan can result in inconsistent readings. The Eclipse is outfitted with a dynamic weighing mode and digital filter settings to help improve measurement accuracy. Below-balance weighing allows density measurement of both liquids and solids. The capacitive touch keypad guides users through the process, while built-in software calculates results.

The Eclipse offers a wide range of weighing units to facilitate numerous lab applications. Users can program a custom unit for more complex unit weight calculations. Illuminate your lab with the Eclipse.

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