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Digital Event: Advances in Lab AI Digital Summit

Lab Manager presents Advances in Lab AI Digital Summit
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Advances in Lab AI Digital Summit

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Science

October 24, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to mimic human thinking and decision-making, and this technology is increasingly implemented in fields such as scientific research, medical diagnosis, data analysis, drug discovery, and lab automation to improve productivity and extend capabilities. How can lab managers utilize AI software and machine language applications to make their labs more successful? What AI applications will serve your lab best? What questions will help choose an AI system for your lab? How can you find the right AI vendors and products? What is the future of large language models and natural language processing in the lab?

Lab Manager will host industry professionals who will speak on these subjects and more at our Advances in Lab AI Summit on October 24. Hear from leading professionals in the field as they explain the basics of AI and machine learning, and how it can be implemented in laboratories. Learn about the ways that AI software can benefit your lab, and how AI applications in the laboratory can improve your output and help your staff. A Q&A session with these industry experts will follow each presentation. Register for free to attend this informative event!


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