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Webinar: Advances in Laboratory Freeze Drying

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Advances in Laboratory Freeze Drying
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Find out more about optimizing your freeze drying in this FREE live webinar presentation.

Live Air Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Do you have inconsistent results freeze drying samples? Are some of your samples too challenging? Is your freeze dry cycle taking too long? Learn how to optimize your lyophilization process. This webinar will discuss freeze drying techniques, as well as new accessories and advancements in laboratory freeze dryers that will improve quality 

and reduce the time requirement.  Whether you have been freeze drying for years or are new to the process, this webinar will inform you of ways to reduce the hassles and improve the lyophilization process in your lab.

As an attendee, you will learn:

  • Lyophilization process—learn the process so you can optimize and troubleshoot
  • Sample specific accessories—improve your results
  • Vacuum pumps—reduce maintenance and expensive mistakes
  • Advancements in new freeze dryers—improve your results, reduce time
  • Question and Answer section—get answers to 
    your specific questions