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Advancing Cell Biology and Cancer Research via Cell Culture and Microscopy Imaging Techniques

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss cell culture and microscopy imaging 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cell culture is a fundamental technique in biology and biotechnology, enabling the growth and maintenance of cells from various sources outside their natural environment, typically in a laboratory setting. Combined with microscopy imaging, which offers high-resolution visualization and analysis of cellular structures and function, these techniques provide researchers insights into biological processes, disease mechanisms, and cellular responses to treatments, thereby aiding in the development of new therapeutic approaches and medical diagnostics. 


In this webinar, Dr. Chongbei Zhao and her colleague Zulin Yu from the Stowers Institute will discuss how the confluence of cell culture and microscopy imaging is essential to advancing our understanding of cell biology, disease mechanisms, and drug development, particularly concerning cancer research.  

Join their discussion to learn about: 

  • Optimization of the primary cell derivation process and establishment of cell lines from primary cells
  • Characterizing cell lines with functionality assays to facilitate research applications in basic science utilizing different methods including microscopy imaging 
  • Understanding the differences between 2D vs. 3D cell cultures and 3D spheroids vs. 3D organoid cultures, identifying the needs of 3D culture, and how to optimize culture conditions to establish 3D organoid lines
  • Combining 3D cell cultures, stem cells, and gene editing, alongside the integration of AI and automation tools, to drive the development of personalized medicine, regenerative therapies, and medical research 
  • The working principles behind a wide variety of imaging techniques including wide-field, spinning disk, and single-point confocal systems, and how to select the right technique for your imaging experiments
  • The differences between diverse imaging platforms including conventional microscopes and high-content imaging systems, and their stability for long-term live imaging 
  • How to achieve high-quality imaging, selecting the appropriate fluorescent colors for live imaging, and optimizing imaging settings while maintaining cell health
  • The current challenges in analyzing large image datasets, the tools available for conventional imaging analysis, and the emergence of deep learning tools 


Zulin Yu 
Head of Light Microscopy
Stowers Institute

Chongbei Zhao
Director of Cellular, Tissue, and Molecular Biology
Stowers Institute

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