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Advantages Offered by Integrated Systems

Learn the main benefits of integrated systems here.

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  • Increased Productivity: You spend your time conducting research, not on complex system or data integration.
  • Improved Collaboration: Integrated systems operate in a browser-based environment over the cloud. Authorized users in different locations can collaborate on the same project by accessing the system through the cloud (Internet), entering their data, issuing their queries and then visualizing their data.
  • Consistency: Since all data and tools are controlled by the ontology, you’re guaranteed consistent results. There’s nothing more frustrating than using one tool and getting one result and then using another tool and getting a different result for the same experiment.
  • Ease of Data Retrieval: The integrated system allows a scientist to retrieve and compare data no matter what part of the system it’s in.
  • Flexibility: A system that is highly flexible is extremely valuable for researchers who aren’t exactly sure what patterns they’re looking for. In a highly configurable, integrated system, you only have to make the change once and the behind-the-scenes work is all done dynamically, preventing any inconsistency.
  • Improved Pattern Recognition: An integrated system will allow you to aggregate and harmonize all of your data. This 360° view of your data allows researchers to see patterns you would never be able to see when only one or two datasets are available.
  • Common User Experience: An integrated system enjoys a common User Interface that provides users with a consistent experience throughout the application, accelerates end-user adoption and minimizes the learning curve.