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Agilents EZChrom Software Can Now Control PerkinElmer Clarus Gas Chromatographs

PerkinElmer, Inc. has announced the development of interface software for Agilents EZChrom Elite chromatography data system (CDS) to control PerkinElmers Clarus family of Gas Chromatographs (GCs).

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PerkinElmer, Inc. has announced the development of interface software for Agilent’s EZChrom Elite™ chromatography data system (CDS) to control PerkinElmer’s Clarus® family of Gas Chromatographs (GCs). Once installed, the interface software will enable existing EZChrom Elite users to control PerkinElmer’s Clarus GCs, including the 600, 500 and 400 models, on their existing networked installations. The software will be available for distribution on a worldwide basis as of July 2009.
This new software control will provide EZChrom Elite users the benefits of PerkinElmer’s Clarus 600 GC, widely regarded as the fastest conventional GC, as well as offering the robustness and configuration flexibility of the Clarus 500 and 400 GCs. Customers in petrochemical and pharmaceutical markets, as well as a variety of other markets, that use EZChrom Elite can now leverage the speed and performance provided by the Clarus GC platform to improve their productivity.
This new development is in response to customer requests to control PerkinElmer’s Clarus GC systems in an EZChrom Elite environment.
Source: PerkinElmer