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Digital Event: Air Quality & Lab Safety Digital Summit

Erlab presents Air Quality & Lab Safety Digital Summit
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Air Quality & Lab Safety Digital Summit

Balancing Safety, Savings, and Sustainability

April 21, 2022
From 11 AM EDT

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Indoor air quality can impact the health and safety of not only the people who work in a lab, but the equipment and products within the lab as well. Ductless fume hood systems are a safe, effective option to install in a lab to maintain a high level of well-being. For lab users unfamiliar with this technology, however, it can be an intimidating process. What are the right questions to ask when considering this equipment? How can fume hood systems minimize risk? How can these systems be incorporated into a lab facility’s risk management policies?

Join Lab Manager on April 21 for the Air Quality & Lab Safety Digital Summit, presented by Erlab. This program will feature industry experts who will guide you through the steps to ensure a safe, productive laboratory environment. Learn about helpful strategies to train your staff on new equipment, understand how this equipment will benefit your lab’s safety and financial plans, and develop the tools to confidently implement a ductless fume hood system in your own lab. The speakers will guide you through “101”-style demonstrations of this equipment, and will offer real-life case studies that show the benefits and success stories of ductless fume hoods. An audience Q&A session with fume hood experts will follow each session.  

Learning objectives:

  • Discover the multiple advantages of ductless fume hood systems
  • Understand how a ductless fume hood system can protect a lab's staff, equipment, and product, resulting in less downtime and expense
  • Develop a comprehensive list of questions to ask when shopping for a fume hood system

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