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ALIGN™ Multi-Gas Generator

The ALIGN™ Multi-Gas Generator serves the mass spectrometry market by providing instrument-grade nitrogen, zero-grade air, and dry air.

ALIGN™ Multi-Gas Generator

The Align™'s groundbreaking technology provides an under-bench profile, energy-efficiency, whisper quiet operation, and unmatched performance.

by Parker Balston

Under-Bench Design

A low-profile and compact footprint design fits under the shortest lab bench, leaving benchtop space available for other valuable instruments. This is Parker’s first product in a new line of generators designed to maximize instrument support and laboratory profits.

Low Cost of Ownership

Built in several modules, the generator was designed for serviceability so that your equipment can be quickly and easily maintained. The internal scroll compressor is more reliable than reciprocating versions, minimizing instrument downtime. The controller ensures the lowest energy consumption, saving your lab money

New Smart Monitoring and Controls

The integration of smart controls enables ALIGN products to operate only as much as the instrument calls for, thereby conserving energy, reducing electrical bills, eliminating unnecessary noise, and increasing reliability across the entire system.

Keeping Safety a Priority

Limit outside deliveries and contact with an on-site gas generator. It is the smart choice for keeping lab employees safe, eliminating the hazards created by needing to move and store high-pressure cylinders, and keeps the most valuable employees focused on profitable work.

Aligned to Mass Spectrometry Needs

This Multi-Gas Generator is designed to work with SCIEX LC-MS/MS’s and Perkin Elmer’s QSight range. Parker’s commitment to working with instrument partners means we meet every need to ensure operational excellency.

Consistent Supply of Nitrogen, Zero Air, & Dry Air

The ALIGN Multi-Gas provides best-in-class quality gases on a continual basis. All generated gases pass through particulate filters, dryers, and carbon towers ensuring what is delivered to your instrument is free of particulates, hydrocarbons, and moisture. Operators also have full freedom to adjust gas stream pressures as needed.

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