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Alleged Breaking Bad Copycat Charged

According to an article in the St. Paul StarTribune, a one-time researcher and University of Minnesota student was charged May 13 with apparently operating a meth lab in a storage locker in St. Paul.

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Crystal methamphetamine.Photo credit: Psychonaught, Wikimedia CommonsThe charges stated that Krause’s friend told authorities that Krause had stolen chemicals and other items from the University of Minnesota and had also made meth at a lab on campus. Police found a number of master keys to school facilities in the former student’s car, along with glassware, chemicals, ingredients and other items for cooking meth at Krause’s storage locker, according to the StarTribune

Krause was enrolled as a biological sciences student from fall 2010 to spring 2013 and worked as a research assistant until June 2013, said university spokesman Chuck Tombarge to the StarTribune

Police allegedly located his lab in the storage locker on May 9 after a friend of Krause’s, who claimed Krause stole tools from him, tipped them off to its location. 

“The door suddenly opened and Matthew Lee Krause emerged and appeared very surprised to see police,” the StarTribune quoted police records as saying. “Officers saw a full methamphetamine lab in plain view, and they saw a female apparently passed out in a chair.” 

Both Krause and the woman were looked over by paramedics and then arrested.

- With files from the St. Paul StarTribune