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Apollo IP65—Setting New Heights for Lab Balances with Industrial Washdown Protection

A&D Weighing offers IP65 ingress protection on high-precision balances, empowering and enhancing laboratory efficiency, productivity, and accuracy

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Standard IP65 Ingress protection 

Protection against water and powder ingress. Researchers no longer need to worry about accidental spills, corrosion, high-humidity environments, or cleaning procedures causing damage to boards or critical electronics. 

Automatic self-internal calibration (ASC) 

GX models are equipped with easy, one-touch button that helps perform and document internal calibration. ASC calibrates based on temperature or time interval. 

Universal Flexi Coms (UFC)

UFC assists researchers in editing serial data output making label printing possible. 

Enhanced password-protection

Password protection for up to 11 users and 1 administrator. 

GLP/GMP/GCP compliance 

Outputs manufacturer, model, serial number, ID, date, time, and signature for full calibration report. 

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A & D GF-603AWP balance

A&D Weighing offers IP65 ingress protection on high-precision balances, enhancing lab productivity and accuracy.

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