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2013 Fume Hoods User Survey Results

Top 10 features/factors respondents look for when purchasing a fume hood

by Lab Manager


Components our readers are using with their lab balances include:

Conventional ducted fume hood 76%
Laminar flow hood 36%
Benchtop ductless fume hood 19%
Canopy ducted fume hood 18%
Variable air volume ducted fume hood 12%
Down flow workstation 7%
Portable ductless fume hood 6%

Percentage of respondents who agree with the following fume hood safety statements

All lab fume hoods have been tested within the past year 90%
Workers using biohazards, toxins and regulated carcinogens have received the proper training 87%
Test labels are properly affixed to all fume hoods tested 87%
Storage in fume hoods is kept to a minimum and doesn’t impede proper airflow 87%
Fume hoods containing regulated carcinogens, biohazards and radioactive materials are properly labeled 83%
Samples/specimens/cultures are protected from environment Particulars 77%

The frequency of fume hood inspections in respondents' labs:

Annually 49%
Quarterly 15%
Every six months 15%
Monthly 11%
Every two years or more 4%
Not applicable 2%
Don't Know 6%

Survey respondents are also using the following fume hood-related components:

Airflow monitor 54%
Base storage cabinet 48%
Work surface 38%
Blowers 28%
Digital monitor 19%
Fume extractor arms 10%
Transport support cart 8%
Other 2%

Top 10 Features/Factors respondents look for when purchasing a fume hood

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