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Refrigerators/Freezers Survey 2011 Results

Freezers and refrigerators are an integral part of any laboratory that requires temperature controlled storage.

Maintaining samples at an optimal temperature while in storage is vital for many lab professionals and this makes choosing the right freezer or refrigerator a crucial task. While the average kitchen freezer operates at about -20°C, laboratory variants have a much wider range of options depending on the storage conditions needed. For example, lowtemperature laboratory freezers will achieve temperatures of -40°C to -85°C, much lower than their kitchen-based counterparts. When selecting a freezer or refrigerator for your lab, it is important to know what specific storage requirements you’ll need, such as the temperature range or space available. We asked readers about lab freezers and refrigerators in their labs. Here’s what they said:

Which type of lab freezer are you currently using or planning to purchase? 

  Currently Using Planing to Purchase
Blood bank and plasma 94% 6%
Explosion-proof 94% 6%
Flammable materials storage 89% 11%
Upright general purpose lab freezers 91% 9%
Under-counter general purpose lab freezers 94% 6%
Low temperature chest lab freezers 86% 14%
Low temperature upright lab freezers 88% 12%
Upright ultra-low temperature freezers 89% 11%
Chest ultra-low temperature freezers 82% 18%
Other 50% 50%

Do you have a lab freezer or are you planning to purchase a lab freezer for your lab?

Yes 86%
No, but planning to purchase 5%
No, and no plans to purchase 9%

What temperature range (in degrees Celsius) is the lab freezer that you currently use or will the lab freezer be that you plan to purchase?

0° to -20°C 26%
-20° to -30°C 16%
-30° to -45°C 5%
-45° to -85°C 40%
Colder than -85°C 7%
Other 5%

For the service and repair of the lab freezer in your laboratory, what type(s) of service do you use? 

Instrument manufacturer time/material 8%
Third-party contract 18%
Third-party time/material 21%
In-house service department 32%
Our department 5%
Multi-vendor service provider 5%
Instrument manufacturer service contract 7%
Don’t know 2%
Other 2%

If you are planning a purchase of a new lab freezer, are you considering an ultra-low freezer?

Yes 62%
No 38%

What is your annual budget for supplies, accessories, maintenance, repairs, etc?

$0 - $1,500 25%
$1,501 - $3,000 10%
$3,001 - $5,000 8%
$5,000+ 34%
Don't know 24%

What are your purchasing plans for a new lab freezer?

Starting the review process 10%
Plan to purchase in the next 1 to 6 months 12%
Plan to purchase in 6 to 12 months 6%
Plan to purchase in 12 + months 8%
No current purchasing plans 62%
Don’t know 3%

If you are planning a purchase of an ultra-low freezer, what are your reasons?

Addition to existing systems, increase capacity 37%
Current ultra-low freezer is nearing end of lifespan 30%
New application requires an ultra-low freezer for high value sample 7%
Require the protection of back-up ultra-low freezer 7%
Setting up a new lab 11%
Other 9%

What is your budget range for this lab freezer purchase?

Less than $5,000 33%
$5,000 - $15,000 50%
$15,000 - $30,000 14%
$30,000+ 3%

Completed Surveys: 215

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