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Are you Looking to Improve Your Outbreak Surveillance Workflows?

Effective air and wastewater sampling workflows for real-time surveillance of outbreaks

Air and wastewater sampling can provide real-time surveillance of pathogenic outbreaks and pandemics. Wastewater analysis has been shown to provide an early warning of rising case numbers days before they are detected through clinical testing, while air sampling is frequently applied to locating sources or hotspots of transmission. Both help inform rapid response to outbreaks with relevant public health measures. 

To benefit from the full potential of these monitoring efforts, workflows need to be consistent and repeatable, fast, and easy to use. Sartorius offers a wide range of sampling and sample preparation products to aid the rapid and efficient generation of reliable, comparable, and complete datasets.

Download this infographic now to learn more about how wastewater testing and air sampling can help your lab detect pathogens sooner. 

air and wastewater testing for pathogens infographic preview

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