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Are You Up to Date on Western Blot Workflows?

A handbook for everyone, from beginners to experts

Western blotting is an established way to detect and analyze proteins. Since its first description in 1979, it has become one of the most widely-used methods in life science research. Cytiva has been a pioneer in Western blotting with Amersham ECL™ products since 1990. The technique is based on an antibody-protein complex. With it, scientists can detect antibodies bound to membrane-immobilized proteins.

In this guidebook, you’ll learn about: 

cover of the western blotting guidebook

  • The Western blotting workflow, step-by-step
  • Examples of typical applications, and some new approaches to Western blotting
  • Troubleshooting strategies
  • Recipes recommended to help design and run experiments
  • Protocols that can help you get even more quantitative data

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