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Asset Management Resource Guide

Everything you need to know about asset management

Lab monitoring uses sensors and software to track the performance and stability of the lab environment and key equipment and instruments in the lab. Monitoring can be as simple as a temperature logging device on a single refrigerator, or as sophisticated as a fully integrated software system with multiple sensors covering all aspects of the lab. 

Common things for labs to monitor include cold storage, incubators, reactors, lab power, and lab temperature. Effective asset and lab monitoring can help improve the reliability and performance of the lab and ensures that lab staff are notified of problematic situations promptly. For many aspects of laboratory work, continuous or regular monitoring is vital for reproducibility, integrity, and quality control. 

Asset Management Resource Guide

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • Questions to ask when implementing asset monitoring
  • The benefits of data-driven asset management
  • How to build a strategy for asset management
  • Managing surplus assets

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