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Asset Performance Management: An Efficient Lab is a More Sustainable Lab

Join Lab Manager and our expert as we discuss sustainability strategies for your lab


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This presentation is a part of our 2024 Leadership Summit. To learn more please visit  2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit

Sustainability is a topic of concern on everyone’s mind.  Yet many business leaders struggle with how to translate sustainable ideas into real-world solutions for their laboratories without sacrificing efficiency or productivity.  

There are so many factors to consider when determining which strategy is best for your organization.  In this presentation, we will discuss which of these factors are most critical and how the right asset performance management solution can help you not only meet your sustainability goals, but how it can make your lab even more efficient. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding laboratory workflows will help drive better management of operational costs.
  • Asset management will provide better operational visibility for better planning.
  • Leveraging an asset management program can lead to achieving sustainability goals and targets.


Steve Heffner

National Sales Director

CrossLab Services