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Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer

Imaging-enhanced, efficient, flexible, transformative flow cytometer

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Transform your research

A flow cytometry analyzer with brightfield imaging capabilities; morphological information from images adds to the richness of flow cytometry data more than multiplexed staining alone.

Six fluorescence channels off the violet laser

Expand your capabilities in multicolor flow cytometry.

Simplified sample preparation

No-wash, no-lyse sample preparation options streamline your workflow.


Switch between tubes and plates with a simple click of the mouse.

Option for automation

Designed for walkaway performance with clog-resistant fluidics and robust data analysis software. 


Mammalian cells, algae, bacteria, yeast, parasites, and plant cells can be analyzed successfully.

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A photo of the Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen™ Attune™ CytPix™ flow cytometer

Acquire dual data quickly and easily. The new Invitrogen™ Attune™ CytPix™ flow cytometer delivers both brightfield images and flow cytometry data sets simultaneously, so you can confirm cellular characteristics and sample quality confidently, without changing your protocols.

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