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Automate Your Gas Supply

Replace cylinders with a high-flow multi-gas generator

Automate Your Gas Supply

The Parker ALIGN High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator provides high-quality LC-MS grade nitrogen, zero air, and dry air for LC-MS applications, thereby eliminating the need to store and maintain multiple gas cylinders.  A smart controller ensures the generator will perfectly match your instrument’s needs in an energy-efficient, quiet, and safe way.  With Parker’s 1-year warranty, oil-free scroll compressor, multi-stage water elimination, and annual service reminder you can buy knowing your lab is receiving the industry’s best reliability and support. Tucked underneath your bench, you’ll forget it’s there!

by Parker Balston
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Q: How can I support my lab’s effort to automate?

Automation within the lab is often discussed as a high-priority initiative due to its benefits, such as the reduction in labor costs, downtime, and opportunity for human error. To automate our analyses, we will need to consider not only our instruments, but our processes, support mechanisms, and infrastructure while ensuring safety. How do we position ourselves to take advantage of  future opportunities, plan for growth, and increase profits?

A:Start by replacing your lab’s gas cylinders with gas generators.

Gas generators can provide your lab with the highest quality nitrogen, hydrogen, zero-hydrocarbon air, and dry air for GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, TOC, FT-IR, and other applications. Without gas cylinders, your lab managers will no longer need to manage expensive contracts, delivery schedules, helium shortages, or the safety risks associated with moving and storing high-pressure vessels.  Parker gas generators are plug-and-play systems designed to operate 24/7 with little supervision and only annual maintenance. You can rest assured your work will continue uninterrupted by the need to replace empty cylinders or diagnose quality issues.  Our innovative generators use the latest technology to match your instrument’s needs and use smart controls to monitor for potential problems and on-site service is available for completely hasslefree ownership.  Gas generators’ compact and portable sizes make them smart investments that provide your lab flexibility through future growth or changing needs.

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