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Automate Your Multichannel Pipettes

Multichannel pipettes are invaluable when working with multiwell plates. However, prolonged and repetitive pipetting sessions bear the risk of strain and fatigue, often resulting in repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and less reproducible results.


VIAFLO ASSIST together with INTEGRA’s VIAFLO II electronic pipettes form the perfect symbiosis to prevent users from RSI and to significantly increase the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition. By mounting a VIAFLO II electronic pipette on the VIAFLO ASSIST, the pipette’s protocols can be carried out fully automatically.

Typical Applications

Serial Dilutions


 Serial dilutions can be tedious due to the many mixing steps that are required. VIAFLO ASSIST carries our your seria dilution protocols automatically.  Simply define the number of mixing cycles, speed and mix volumes.

Serial dilutions are often carried out with the plate in portrait orientation.  This allows more samples to be diluted.  VIAFLO ASSIST allows working in landscape and portrait format.

The concentrated sample can be drawn from a reagent reservoir, a PCR tube strip and the plate itself (e.g. First column).  In addition, the sample can also be aspirated with the pipette from an external source before placing it on the VIAFLO ASSIST and starting the protocol.

Plate Filling


 Filling multiple plates might not be a difficult task but is strenous nonetheless.  In order to improve pipetting ergonomics, manual pipetting should be minimized.

VIAFLOW ASSIST helps you to fill microplates without risking repetitive strain injury.

Reagent Addition


 Draw reagent from the reservoir, a PCR tube strip, the plate itself or an external source to add it to the target plate.

An optional mixing step helps to achieve a homogenous distribution of the sample.

For a precise liquid transfer and to make sure that no remaining liquid clings to the tip end, performing a touch off is common practice.  VIAFLO ASSIST allows both a touch off on the side wall of the well or inside the liquid.

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